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Orbx Introduces KSBA Santa Barbara!


Orbx introduces us to a new scenery project for KSBA Santa Barbara Municipal Airport for FSX and P3D! In a post to the Orbx forums, developer, Misha Cajic said: “After far too long, I am very proud to finally (re)introduce to you all my absolute largest project to date, KSBA Santa Barbara Municipal Airport for P3D and FSX!” He continued: “I’ve taken the last few months during my travels and student exchange in the United States to complete this incredibly scenic and unique destination just up the coast from Los Angeles in FTX Southern California. It is surrounded on all…

MK-Studios Announce Vagar Airport!


Following the release of their Lisbon scenery, MK-Studios has announced the development of a new scenery package for Vagar Airport in the Faroe Islands. In a post to the company’s Facebook page, the development team wrote: “Are you ready for one of the most beautiful and challenging approaches in the Europe? “This is a perfect destination for Q400 and A319 flying there daily in real life. The runway is just 1799 meters long. Please fasten your seatbelts, strong wind gusts are included!” They added that the airport was, “Coming SOON!” We’ll keep you posted about the progress of the scenery.…

This Week's Podcast

Episode 20 | PilotEdge’s Keith Smith


Pilot Edge is a professional air traffic control network for flight simulators; it was founded in 2010 by Keith Smith and on today’s podcast we hear all about it. Designed to cater for those who want a more serious approach to air traffic control, PilotEdge isn’t for everyone so before joining, you need to assess three different ideas: 1. How flexible are you in terms of where you fly? The PilotEdge coverage area is 1000+ non-towered airports and ~85 towered airports, covering the western half of the United States. 2. How important is it to have ATC on a known…