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Orbx KSAN San Diego International Previews!


Orbx has today released more previews of their highly anticipated KSAN San Diego International airport scenery! In a post to the Orbx forums, Orbx’s Matteo Veneziani wrote: “After the first Beta many things have changed, I have heard your suggestions and I did extra work to improve the scenery! Now I can say the project is nearly done.” In a list of features released, he confirms that the scenery will cover 1800 square kilometers, including the entire San Diego metropolitan area. The scenery also includes a “very accurate reconstruction of San Diego Airport” including animated Jetways! For those running on a PC…

Flight1 Ultimate Traffic Live Previews + More Info!


Last week Flight1 released previews of their upcoming Ultimate Traffic Live software! In a post to the Flight1 Forums they wrote: “Ultimate Traffic Live is getting closer. There is a lot new in this version, including a complete rewrite of the traffic engine, routes based on real-world SIDS/STARS, and some other neat features. Ultimate Traffic Live is compatible with FSX Boxed/FSX Steam/Prepar3D v2/Prepar3d v3. More info will be coming out soon. Hope you enjoy some of these preview pictures! Brand new interface…” Featured as mentioned in the previews is a brand new interface that takes a very modern style and…

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PMDG DC-6 FSX & P3D Now in Beta!


Origonally developed for X-Plane, PMDG has now moved the DC-6 Cloudmaster into beta for the FSX and P3D Platforms! In a post to the AVSIM forums PMDG’s CEO, Robert Randazzo wrote: “We have a ton of stuff going on behind the scenes at PMDG of late…  Simultaneous work on three different four engine airplanes. Can you imagine? Concurrent with our other announcement regarding the 747, tonight we wanted to let you know that we have moved the PMDG DC-6 Cloudmasterfor FSX, FSX-Steam Edition and Prepar3D into beta testing! We still have some work to accomplish here but most of it…