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Turbulent Designs Real Flora Announced!


Turbulent Designs announces “Real Flora” for their airports and scenery products. Turbulent Designs have worked incredibly hard to create the most realistic and optimized vegetation library in Flight Simulation. Real Flora is a collection of both 2D and 3D high definition vegetation built from the ground up to bring every Turbulent airport to life. With both realism and performance in mind, Real Flora will raise the bar in airport scenery. This is not a replacement for the whole Flight Sim library but just for the Turbulent Designs products For more information click here

Flight Sim Labs A320X Fully Released!


Flight Sim Labs have finally opened up the flood gates to the masses meaning you now go get the A320X! In a post to Facebook they wrote “We’d like to take a moment to thank you all for your support as well as the amazing patience that you’ve shown while our Early Adopters program was active. For the past six days, we’ve feverishly tried to smooth the installation issues that a few of our Early Adopters have brought to our attention, update our FAQs with new knowledge acquired by several one-on-one Skype and Teamviewer sessions, while at the same time…

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Aerosoft CRJ Status Update


Mathijs Kok the community manager for Aerosoft posted an update of the progress and changes their making to the CRJ ahead of its release. The changes included the FMC and 2d panels. He wrote “I told you one of the things we decided to change after checking out the FSL Airbus was the resolution of the displays. As said we are not impressed by the VC but with the sharp displays it simply looks good, your eye is drawn to the data, not the surrounding far more than I expected. Even after all these years we still learn every single…