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Orbx Announce KSAN V2 + More Previews Released!


Orbx has today posted some previews showing off Version 2 of their popular scenery for KSAN San Diego Airport! On Wednesday last week, Orbx announced the development of V2 which will be a free upgrade for all existing customers. Orbx developer, Matteo Veneziani said: “I’m very happy to announce my new project which I’ve been working on since Gold Coast Intl was launched. I’ve put all of myself to give to you a much-improved version of KSAN. Using the latest optimization techniques this version is almost 100% new compared to the KSAN you are all currently flying. Performance increases, plenty…

Aerosoft A321 Professional Previews!


On Tuesday, Aerosoft released some previews of their upcoming add-on for the Airbus A321 Professional! In a post to the Aerosoft forums, Aerosoft developer, Stefan Hoffman wrote: “Some pics of the A321 with satdome of new A320/A321 package….” The Airbus A321 Professional is part of an upcoming package that will include both the Airbus A320 and A321. The Professional Series is a range of products produced by Aerosoft that bring compatability with Prepar3D Version 4 along with significant improvements and updates. For more information click here

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Aerosoft A330 Professional Previews!


Aerosoft has today released some previews of their upcoming Professional Serieis addon for the Airbus A330! In a post to the Aerosoft forums, Project Manager, Mathijs Kok said: “As explained while the graphical work on the A330 is progressing nicely we want to have the A320/A321 out first and have the A318/A319 on the same system status (SP1) as well. So we are not thinking about dates. But so many of the systems have been done already and so many others are the same as in the smaller busses we do not see major issues at this moment. It’s just…