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More PMDG 747 PBR Previews!


PMDG yesterday released more previews of their highly anticipated PBR update for the company’s popular 747 QOTS II. This is the second set of previews released since PMDG started working on introducing the new graphical rendering technology into their product line since the inclusion of the feature in the latest update of Prepar3D. In a post on the AVSIM forums, PMDG Robert Randazzo said: “In honor of her birthday, I thought it might be appropriate to share with you another short update on our progress toward pushing an update for Prepar3D v4.4+ users who are eagerly awaiting PBR treatment of…

Orbx SODE Jetway Extravaganza!


Flight simulation scenery giant Orbx, has released a load of updates for some of their scenery packages which include the highly anticipated addition of SODE Jetways! Orbx’s Jarrad Marshall took the forum to announce the integration of the technology, he said: “After much anticipation and a long development cycle, we are very proud to formally announce that ORBX will be integrating SODE jetways and content into our airport products. Perhaps one of our most-requested product features, creating high-quality jetways has been high on our agenda for many years.” He went on to explain the history of Orbx and SODE: “Firstly,…

This Week's Podcast

Episode 20 | PilotEdge’s Keith Smith


Pilot Edge is a professional air traffic control network for flight simulators; it was founded in 2010 by Keith Smith and on today’s podcast we hear all about it. Designed to cater for those who want a more serious approach to air traffic control, PilotEdge isn’t for everyone so before joining, you need to assess three different ideas: 1. How flexible are you in terms of where you fly? The PilotEdge coverage area is 1000+ non-towered airports and ~85 towered airports, covering the western half of the United States. 2. How important is it to have ATC on a known…