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Aerosoft | Mega Airports for P3D V4 Professional Pricing Plan!


Aerosoft has today announced plans to introduce a professional pricing plan for their Mega Airport sceneries. Essentially, there will be a small charge of “around 6 euros” to update to P3D V4 because of all the extra work that has been involved in updating the sceneries. In a statement released on the Aerosoft forums, Aerosoft Community Manager, Mathijs Kok wrote: Many of our Mega Airport sceneries were due for an update and with Prepar3D v4 released there was even more need to deliver new versions. So, let me explain what is the plan. The FSX:SP2, FSX:STEAM and P3d Prepar3D v3 will…

Orbx ESSA Stockholm-Arlanda P3D V4 Previews!


Orbx has today released previews of a service pack for their Stockholm-Arlanda scenery which updates it with compatibility for P3D V4! In a post to the Orbx forums, Orbx developer Marcus Nyberg wrote: “A few screens from the Service Pack, not yet released, for ESSA Stockholm-Arlanda. All shots in P3D v4. Hope you enjoy!” The previews released today show off the scenery both in the daytime and at night. The added features such as dynamic lighting have been brought to the scenery because of V4 There’s been no mention of release date but going off what the screenshots look like…

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Aerosoft CRJ Update Released


It’s only been out for a day and already it’s receiving an update which includes a selection of the best bug fixes. In a post to Facebook they wrote: “And After 7 years is still not finished – we continue to work hard on the crj add-on and can provide you with the first update today!” The update includes the addition of GSX configuration files thanks to Ian Richardson and a keyboard for selected direction, selected airspeed and selected vs / pitch in the FMC. A few crashes caused by bugs have been fixed including the FMC crash on the fix…