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QualityWings Update 757 for P3D V4!


Flight simulation development studio, QualityWings has updated its popular 757 addon for Prepar3D Version 4! The Ultimate 757 is now also available in P3DV4.4 and above as a seperate purchase for $14.95 USD. QualityWings has now moved the activation service for the 757 from eSellerate to Flight1. In a post on Facebook the team said: ” And while we maintain that this version of the 757 is no longer in development, we did manage to make a few improvements that have been also been incorporated into the FSX/Steam versions as well.” They added: “Let us stress that this product is…

Flightbeam Release SEQM Quito!


Flightbeam Studios have today released their highly anticipated scenery package for SEQM Mariscal Sucre (Quito) International Airport! SEQM is Ecuador’s busiest airport and a very important Cargo hub for Latin America. Situated in a stunning, picturesque setting surrounded by mountains and volcanos, take the challenge to fly any of its approaches through its breathtaking views. The scenery features crisp textures up close and from distance including highly detailed ramps which are full of objects. The scenery package was developed for Flightbeam Studios by David at DreamFlight Studios. SEQMHD is available from Flightbeam Studios’ online store for ¬£21.37 ($25.99) and is…

This Week's Podcast

Episode 20 | PilotEdge’s Keith Smith


Pilot Edge is a professional air traffic control network for flight simulators; it was founded in 2010 by Keith Smith and on today’s podcast we hear all about it. Designed to cater for those who want a more serious approach to air traffic control, PilotEdge isn’t for everyone so before joining, you need to assess three different ideas: 1. How flexible are you in terms of where you fly? The PilotEdge coverage area is 1000+ non-towered airports and ~85 towered airports, covering the western half of the United States. 2. How important is it to have ATC on a known…