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Orbx Releases CityScape Honolulu for P3D!


Flight simulator scenery giant Orbx has released its latest scenery package, this time for the region of Honolulu! A post on the forums by Orbx developer, Ed Correia read: “Covering the entire Hawaiian island of Oahu, Cityscape Honolulu brings to life this stunning tropical location with impeccable quality. From the postcard locations of Diamond Head and Waikiki, to history-laden Pearl Harbor and Ford Island; from bustling Downtown to suburban Pearl City, the entire Honolulu metro area is modeled in unparalleled custom detail.” The scenery features 23,000 unique custom buildings with exact footprint and height data, combined with 90,000 custom-placed buildings. Additionally, Stunning night lighting, including dynamic and 3D lighting…

Microsoft Launch Tech Alpha Recruitment + New Videos!


Microsoft has officially opened registration for tech alpha participants along with posting new videos in a September 12 status update. A detailed development roadmap was among the items posted in the status update available to insider programme members. One of the videos posted shows an aircraft being placed into a spin demonstrating that the new simulator will be capable of simulating such manoeuvres. Another depicts a Diamond DA62 lowering its landing gear while on approach to an airport. Two videos appear to show off the scenery capabilities of the simulator, one shows Lake Tekapo in New Zealand and the other…

This Week's Podcast

Episode 20 | PilotEdge’s Keith Smith


Pilot Edge is a professional air traffic control network for flight simulators; it was founded in 2010 by Keith Smith and on today’s podcast we hear all about it. Designed to cater for those who want a more serious approach to air traffic control, PilotEdge isn’t for everyone so before joining, you need to assess three different ideas: 1. How flexible are you in terms of where you fly? The PilotEdge coverage area is 1000+ non-towered airports and ~85 towered airports, covering the western half of the United States. 2. How important is it to have ATC on a known…