10 Year Anniversary of Microsoft Flight Simulator X Release!


10th October 2006 was the date that Microsoft released their 10th edition of Flight Simulator calling it FSX!

It was the year that Google bought YouTube for $1.65Billion, It was also the day after North Korea was reported to have tested its first Nuclear Device.

At the time we were unaware that this would be the final full installation of the Flight Simulator product line and it would be only a matter of years before Microsoft would axe the entire project leaving hundreds of thousands of people in shock as to what would happen.

We did, of course, see the release of Service packs 1 & 2 and then the Acceleration Pack in 2007 but it went down hill after that with more than 50 of the staff at the development studio responsible for the project were laid off in 2009 but Microsoft said they were “fully committed long term” to the project. They didn’t keep that promise very long.

10 Years on I’d say things are going pretty well. We’ve seen the release of Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3d, X-Plane 11 is on the way and Dovetail is actively developing a new Flight Simulator based on the original FSX code. Maybe it wasn’t such a bad thing that it was axed but let’s not forget what Microsoft helped to do.

10th October, it’s just another day, but I think it bears some significance.




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  1. Microsoft in the hands of Steve Ballmer was guilty of making many stupid decisions. To bin the largest selling “game” in their inventory was bordering on idiocy. Any intelligent business man , having seen the rise in popularity of the fsim versions would have not only kept the team improving the Simulation but would have a big team making other products for the simulation, instead they threw it all away. Thenkfully that created a huge group of third party developers who took the product on and made it do stuff that even the original creators are blown away by. However it does make one wonder what might have happened if we didnt have that lull in development before LM started playing with it.

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