FSFX 777 Immersion Release!


FSFX Packages announces the release of the 777 Immersion, the most advanced aircraft specific package ever made!

777 Immersion offers a vast selection of effects found on the real 777 aircraft. FSFX Packages newest product will bring new and innovative condensation effects, impressive lighting effects, and other brilliant additions that have never been done for Flight Simulator X.

777 Immersion will bring your Flight Simming experience to new heights and add realism for both, flight deck pilots and enthusiasts alike!

777 Immersion is the second product signed FSFX Packages. The positive feedback received for PrecipitFX represents a sign of quality, which is also present in the 777 Immersion. PrecipitFX has ranked several times as the best selling effects package during the past months. 777 Immersion will be a must have for all 777 pilots.

PrecipitFX users will benefit from a discount upon purchase of the 777 Immersion, exclusively available through the FSFX Packages website.

FSFX Packages is committed to work their products up to first-class flight simulator addons, the team hereby works on several anticipated products for the flight simulator community. Which will bring a very much needed realistic touch, signed FSFX Packages.

777 Immersion includes the following features:

  • Outstanding multi-stage engine condensation
  • Amazing multi-stage wing condensation
  • 3D multi-stage flaps leading edge condensation
  • 3D multi-stage engine nacelle’s lift vanes condensation
  • 3D multi-stage wingtip vortices
  • realistic multi-stage custom contrails which are regulated by weather variables
  • special high altitude wing condensation
  • Remarkable water vortex from the ground into the engine
  • great water and snow vortices at wingtips upon rotation
  • volumetric logo light under fog, mist, and low visibility conditions
  • landing and taxi lights fade in and out
  • new touchdown effect
  • new engine start-up smoke under cold conditions
  • brake dust effect when retracting the landing gear
  • enhanced engine jet wash effects under rain and snow conditions
  • impressive engine jet wash effects with reversers under rain and snow conditions

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