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It wasn’t to long ago that we were reporting of the video released by A2A and then the actual release of the aircraft on Saturday, But here it is, the review of the A2A C182 Skylane!

The Cessna 182 Skylane is the big brother of the Cessna 172 Skyhawk. It is still a four seater but is slightly longer the the 172. Introduced in 1956 , the 182 has been produced in a number of variants, including a version with retractable landing gear, and is the second most popular cessna model, after the 172.

Over the last 58 years they have delivered over 23,000 182’s. If after buying the sim version of the aircraft you decide to go out and buy the real thing then you will have to find over $400,000 for a new one. Let’s jump into the review!


The exterior model of this aircraft meets the expectations and standards of most people. It is stunning the amount of detail that has gone into the development of this aircraft exterior model. The fact that each individual rivet appears to be a 3D model is amazing. The customization of this aircraft is something that sets it aside from other developers. You can choose when you want flap seals, Wheel fairings and others. On the underside of the aircraft it has dirt from the wheels and the exhaust coming out of the engine. It simply is amazing.

Pic 1Take off

The main difference in the C172 is that the C182 is a lot longer than the 172, therefore allowing for a baggage compartment to be added. Along with this there is fully animated control surface, This is comes with animated doors and windows. I love the reflections that it creates on its self. The shadows in the simulation are only amplified in quality when you put it into P3D. The overall impression of the outside of the aircraft is outstanding. It is the best modelling on the market today.3 Prop


Just look at it! Its amazing, the attention to detail is amazing. The lighting for day and night is great. There any many different lights for the interior of the aircraft and this is great because some people want bright flood light and other may want dim.I’m going to keep going on about the quality of the model, but it is truly flawless. The instruments are individual 3D models and not just one object, this means the needles move independent of the gauge.

They are quick and responsive, I really have no complaints about the interior of the aircraft. With the different exterior models of the aircraft comes different interior colors. There is normal leather color and red. Overall the interior has a lot of attention to detail and is almost the same as the C172 cockpit. One of the differences is the shape of the cockpit.

Cockpit Dark Cockpit Dark BrightHandling

After spending a couple of hours flying around in this aircraft, mainly on vatsim, I have grown to like the way it handles in comparison to the C172. It feels considerably heavier and this is very well represented in the sim. It also feels faster, and I mean a lot faster.  This aircraft also comes with a 2 and 3 blade propeller.

3 Prop 2 Prop

The take off speeds for this aircraft remain around the same and it isn’t much different from the C172. The climb rate is much faster in the C182 and this is really good for circuit work, it means you can do a tighter circuit. There has been a talk about how this aircraft is really difficult to land, this is unfortunaly true, it is really really difficult to land, all it does is bounce and/or stall and fall. Out of all of my attempts to land it, I only managed 2 smooth landings. The rest were a combination of not very smooth and all the way down to stalling 10 feet above the runway and falling.

SpinsAs before, this aircraft is also able to simulate those situations that real pilots do not want to find themselves in. It the spins and stalls. Like the C172 it is able to do this accuratly and just like the real thing. You can see that I had some fun in the airspace of London TMA! You can see the landing light on the wing! It looks so nice!


Like the C172, this version also comes with the full maintenance hanger, in here you can change the oil and battery; as well as fitting new parts such as fairing for the wheels and Flap seals to improve the aerodynamic capabilities of the aircraft. This is a feature that sets the C182 apart from all other aircraft by other developers.

Maintenance HangarThe mini controls are a nice feature to have, they prevent you from having to search around the cockpit all the time for buttons. A new feature has been added to the C182. It aircraft towing. You can now move the aircraft around the airport and stands without the need for an engine. This is useful if you haven’t quite made it onto the stand and you need to correct. It however doesn’t work if the engine is running, This took me about 15mins for me to work it out.

Mini Controls

Overall Impressions

This aircraft is amazing, the attention to detail is outstanding. It has been simulated to a degree of accuracy not seen before by other developers. If you want either a training aid for real life, or just want an incredible accurate representation of a stunning aircraft then this is the one for you!



10.0 Outstanding!

This is truly a credit to the flight sim industry! It is a masterpiece and simply is a necessity for those who are serious in the simulation of GA Aircraft! It's a full 10/10 for this. I can't mark it down for anything!

  • Interior 10
  • Exterior 10
  • Handling 10
  • Simulation 10
  • User Ratings (59 Votes) 6.2

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