Active Sky Next P3D Version 3 Now Supported!


Great news for Active Sky Next user, Hifi Simulations has now updated it to P3D V3

Here’s what they posted on their forum “We’re pleased to announce that a new service update for ASN for FSX and ASN for P3D is now available in OPEN BETA format. This is a BETA version, not yet extensively tested, and may have issues. Please use at your own risk.”

Here’s a list of the other features included in this OPEN BETA update!

– Adjusted ASConnect default install path search order to P3D v3 vs V2
– Miscellenous installer fixes and adjustments related to P3Dv3
– Added detection of new P3Dv3 install + P3Dv2 paths set in ASN = Notification message that paths should be checked/set to the intended P3D version
– Added new v3 variant of xgauge.dll for new path/registry locations
– Added new ASN client handling to support installation of proper xgauge.dll variant
NOTE: P3Dv3 users should uninstall/reinstall XGauge via the XGauge Installation Wizard (TOOLS menu) to ensure that gauge files are properly updated
20151005 P3D:
– v3 compatibility has been established
– Problem with P3D 2.5 ASConnect integration fixed
* Full install ASN for P3D Open Beta B5765 now available in addition to update

Source: Active Sky Next – Attention ASN fans: P3D v3 now supported! Check…


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