Active Sky Next SP3 Open Beta!


Active Sky have officially launched the Open Beta and it’s available for everyone that wants to test it!

SP3 focuses on bug fixes as well as further stability and performance fixess/improvements so if you’re an avid Active Sky user like me then why not give it a try!

Here’s a list of all the things they’ve fixed and added:

– Added compatibility with P3D 2.5.12946 (P3D version)
– Added new “Warnings Option”: Notify when new version available (default on) – disable this to stop notifying you when a new version has been made available
– Fixed an interpolation issue when certain source stations are very close to the interpolated station (i.e. LOAN->LOAV)
– Fixed problem where “No ASConnect Log” error messages could show up repeatedly without ability to press OK and continue normal operation
– Added new handling to identify invalid appdata path selection, and notify user during initialization to select the proper path
– Added new warning message during appdata selection if the user has system files hidden from view (which would prevent proper appdata path selection)
– Added additional handling in as_btstrp_config_manager to further prevent blocking
– Fixed issue in Tools->Export logs where btstrp.txt might not be included
– Fixed warnings options failure to save/load and be properly persistent between sessions
– Removed unneeded restart required/resynth message when changing warnings options
– Modified ambient handling to not affect AI aircraft for certain parameters including temperature, so that AI contrails (and AI in general) will behave normally without user aircraft’s ambient influence

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