Aerosoft A318 Research Edition In a Hold!


Using the Analogy of the A318 being in a hold I think is appropriate. In a post to the Aerosoft Forums Mathijs shed some light on when the aircraft should be landing on our computers.

The A318 Research Edition is “ready” but Aerosoft is “still working on the webpage” which apparently is a “Bit complex”. With reference to my analogy of the Aircraft being in a hold, The aircraft is ready to land but the runway isn’t built yet, The ‘runway’ being the webpage.

The complexity of the webpage is probably as a result of who will be eligible for the aircraft, only current Airbus owners are eligible for this ‘update’ so the content delivery is not normal for Aerosoft. I think we can expect release in the coming days as Mathijs said release could be today in a post yeaterday on the forums.

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