Aerosoft A320/21 Professional Previews!


Aerosoft has today released some previews of their upcoming professional series addon for the Airbus A320/21!

Along with the previews, Project Manager, Mathijs Kok posted an update about the project, he said: “The externals are slightly updated and modified to suit the new graphics engine and of course compiled with the latest compilers (that makes a hell of a difference, you should all demand that from all aircraft devs) so images of the external will look more or less the same as before. I will spend some time next week making images that show the differences because it sure does look better,

The flightdeck of course is 99.5% the same as the A318/A319 so to show that off I decided to nick the images that some of our customers send us in the screenshot thread (v

If you want to know about pricing and updates check this: If you have questions about that please in that topic.

Release date is a bit tricky. We need to deliver the files for the boxed A318/A319 release in 4 weeks so we need to have a very stable set of files at that time, the update we do tomorrow is a first solid step towards that. But we are delayed for sure. The main reason is that most people of my team seriously needed some downtime. Choobe had days off, Frank is gone for three weeks (it will be 2024 before he used up his overtime), I also slowed down a lot. We did not anticipate that in the 5 weeks from A318/A319 release. I think however that very late August or very early September is manageable. The A320/A321 will be released on the same systems status as the A318/A319 Service Pack 1 (to make sure all the systems are the same).

Without further ado. here are the images customers send us. I include one external, just to show how the A320 will look.”

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