Aerosoft A330 Cockpit Previews!


Aerosoft release what everyone has been waiting for, cockpit previews of the A300X!

They’re stunning as always with Aerosoft! Can’t wait for this and the CRJ to be released! Life will be complete once this happens. In the post on the forum Emanuel Hagen wrote: “ok guys, you wanted pics, you get pics! Keep in mind it’s all work in progress, so no need to report something if you think you found something!”

Here you are!

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A330_PEDESTAL_001.png.91fd1ac846b143bb9f0443a3d117fb9f A330_PEDESTAL_002.png.c60cee15050c17d2d81d0a46c9e0c001 A330_PEDESTAL_003.png.439478502ddc6ce700f8fe0c33b6c687 A330_PEDESTAL_004.png.0ed214095232281b4d0033f4ef7a9d43 A330_PEDESTAL_005.png.226fcda7d8ddcc078564d90436e8aa75 A330_PEDESTAL_006.png.bdc27c9391904cd7bf62546fc78282c9 A330_PEDESTAL_007.png.c7934ce71ad5333e89c171ff93df076f


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