Aerosoft A330 Night Cockpit Previews!


Aerosoft have released some stunning shots of the highly anticipated A330! Featuring the cockpit of the aircraft in night lighting conditions!

In a forum post Mathijs Kok the Community Manager for Aerosoft wrote “This week was for night lighting. Stefan kept it rather dark, I really like that, but as always it depends a LOT on your monitor and viewing conditions. In the end we need to test and tweak always.”

Take a look at these:

NIGHTLIGHTING_001.png.e287a9d63fc4654f127d065623d5d9ce NIGHTLIGHTING_002.png.d856e6361e1ef4e5e00ea4a77c4ff922 NIGHTLIGHTING_003.png.074373dac237fd0574397252f340fc38 NIGHTLIGHTING_004.png.2685dcae1380e84b49b2f47445ea87b6 NIGHTLIGHTING_005.png.03ddcc4f58d33db8477c5531f8fb3b40 NIGHTLIGHTING_006.png.53c5811d9cffed84b3df330c464e7840 NIGHTLIGHTING_007.png.7eaa8ae9fd57b15d59cb36abab88d46d (1) NIGHTLIGHTING_007.png.7eaa8ae9fd57b15d59cb36abab88d46d



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