Aerosoft A330 Professional Previews!


In a small Friday update, Aerosoft released some more previews of the highly anticipated A330 Professional!

In a post to the Aerosoft forum, Developer, Stefan Hoffmann said: “Time for the small friday update: The missing details on the nose gear covers have been added now and work shifted to the main gear area (hydraulic hoses not fitted yet). Centimeter for centimeter details are now added starting from the tire section up the main gear stem going finally into the large main gear bay.

So you will see in the coming weeks how this will come to finalisation. Among the details are stickers, hydraulic pipes, screws and on and on…and finally of course a bit oil stains and typical kinds of corrosion (of course switchable for the repainters and people who already wanted to post now: “But i want a pretty new plane without, i don’t want to buy a used plane… ­čśë )…

The textures shown are not renders, they display actually what you will also see in the sim…of course there better shaded, so with shadow casting and reflections.”

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  1. It’s funny how soon after FSElite publish this (and they were a few days late), you suddenly also post the same news.

    Are they your source these days?

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