Aerosoft A330 VC Modeling Completed!


Aerosoft today released another picture of the A330 Cockpit as it gets ever closer to completion.

Mathijs Kok the Community Manager for Aerosoft wrote “Last bits of the VC inserted, the shades (we decided not to do the side shades as they are the roll up kind and would affect memory and FPS a lot). Stefen is extremely careful of FPS in this project. Even though this VC is state of the art, it uses 25% less polygons than any of the top end aircraft on sale right now.”

FPS is guaranteed to be low as with most other Aerosoft products which is good. And as mentioned the last bits of modelling for the VC are now complete which means it can now move closer to completion.


It also shows the huge steps that Aerosoft has made in a relatively short amount of time. Take a look at the previews below that we saw back at the end of January this year:

A330_COCKPIT_FINALS_003.png.184ace22afae99327a676cbbaced386a A330_COCKPIT_FINALS_002.png.fa23f0e4fd2130a13808f9b0df30aa90 A330_COCKPIT_FINALS_001.png.ba941d53c33797529da8dc8285731105 (1)

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