Aerosoft A330X Wing Previews!


Aerosoft have released some previews showing off the progress they’re making on the A330!

Steffan Hoffmann the Developer of the project said “Weekly modeling update: Wings have now been modeled and they are so ready for animation tests with WINGFLEX added. The visible interior of the wing also is very near the original thing featuring the spoiler mounts and also the flap drive axis (the long pipeline like stuff and the bottom of the trailing edge opening). This transports the mechanical force from the root drive in the belly of the aircraft to the single flap beams, where a special geardrive then adapts the power. How you can see that is a rather large piece of aviation hardware. Will be surely also a nice thing to walk around it with the Avatar in Prepar3D later!”

Check out the previews below and for more information click here

A330_WINGFINAL_002.png.b9445760f71114be65e254e46ede743b A330_WINGFINAL_001.png.23bec12ff1da047bea67119e951ce815 A330_WINGFINAL_003.png.288a07e47c8033f65daf0f4334a789d1


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