Aerosoft A330X Cockpit Previews!


Stefan Hoffmann one of the developers for the A330 posted some previews of the aircraft on the aerosoft forum earlier today. Here’s what he said:

“Posted here are some images of the actual status. Pure modeling is so far done (beside the small hole on the lower rearwall, where additional photos just arrived this morning and this can be finished now) amd all the polygons are now unwrapped so they can be finally painted and the photorealistic look added. The jumpseat in the right corner can be used of course, so the seating plate unfolds downward and the middle backplate is pushed outward like on the original. The heavy seats are added as the last thing. On the third image you will miss the front top leather. This is because we use symmetries where ever it is possible to save texture space for important things. So the parts are then mirrored when the unwrapping was done.”

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A330_COCKPIT_FINALS_001.png.ba941d53c33797529da8dc8285731105 (1) A330_COCKPIT_FINALS_002.png.fa23f0e4fd2130a13808f9b0df30aa90 A330_COCKPIT_FINALS_003.png.184ace22afae99327a676cbbaced386a


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