Aerosoft A330X Further External Texturing!


To round off the week Aerosoft has released more previews of their Airbus A330X!

This week texturing the external model has been the main focus of the development team, in a post to the Aerosoft forums Stefan Hoffman wrote “To save you all from depression, here is the Friday update: Work this week was busied with detailing that nose landing gear with labels, screws etc…tubulars section details like servicing panels, drainage holes, labels, antenna details and the rims for nose and main gear.

The work now moves to the tail section of the plane including the stabilizers, which is again a lot of detail to create! Even the horizontal stabilizers fairing to the fuselage skin is half and artwork on the A330, as at the A320 it was a flat plan coverage. But that is for the coming week… ;-)”

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