Aerosoft A330X FMGS Feature List


Aerosoft has released a list of features for the FMGS of their upcoming A330X!

The FMGS or Flight Managment and Guidance System is a hot topic for the people on the forums so Mathijs Kok the Community Manager for Aerosoft posted a full list of its flagship features he wrote:

“After long discussions we decided on a complete feature list for the FMGS Do compare this with competition….”

Aerosoft FMGS Features

  • Navigraph/NavDataPro support;
  • Flight Plan construction using procedures like SIDs, STARs, transitions, approaches;
  • Company routes, primary and alternate;
  • Complete Vertical Profile, including constraint management, managed climb and descent etc;
  • Complete Lateral Navigation modes;
  • All flight phases: Preflight, Takeoff, Climb, Cruise, Descend, Approach, Go-Around and Done;
  • Primary, TMPY, SEC, ALTN and SEC ALTN flight plans;
  • AIRWAYS management;
  • HOLD patterns;
  • DIR TO, DIR TO Radial In/Out and Abeam;
  •  Direct waypoints PD, PBD, PBPB, LatLon;Pseudo points: T/C, T/D, SpeedLim, DECEL, S/C, S/D, Level Off, ETP and more;
  • Navaids automatic and manual tuning;
  •  Accurate predictions and performance calculations: fuel/time/ALT, managed/selected/presel speed/mach;FIX INFO;
  • OFFSET path;
  • Equitime point calculation, and a time marker;
  • WINDS aloft;
  • Constant Mach cruise segments;
  • Required Time of Arrival, Estimated Time of Takeoff;
  • DUAL MCDU, working independently from each other;
  • MCDU web interface;

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