Aerosoft A330X Friday Previews!


It’s the first Friday in November and we’re kicking it off with a bang! Aerosoft release their weekly dose of A330X Previews!

This time it’s another livery but it’s showing the progress the team is making on the texturing of the exterior model. In a post to the Aerosoft forums Stefan Hoffmann wrote “Time for a little friday update on the visuals: Primary detail is now on the fuselage; next sweep will go into the smaller stuff and finalize on the tail stabilizers. After that the wings are left on the exterior model + dirtying up the whole stuff so it looks more lifelike ( and yes, not too much, not too less) This time an alternate livery; the windowlayout also fits 1:1 the original B-LAB….”

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a330_fuselage_04112016_004-png-cdd444ae50d9f1daea5f60d5e899a5c0 a330_fuselage_04112016_003-png-200a0ab5304b07aaccb371bb73b5ad14 a330_fuselage_04112016_002-png-5b89f3931f23078529f49118a83a91af a330_fuselage_04112016_001-png-81849a7d7ff2b6a253b32edf672f87e3


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