Aerosoft A330X Friday Update Double Edition!


It’s Friday, which means that we’re due an update from the team over at Aerosoft regarding their A330X project.

We were incredibly busy last week and sadly missed the update they provided then so we’ll include it in this update as well.

This week, Stefan has been targeting development of the Gearbay in an effort to integrate it into the fuselage. This has been successful because in a post to the Aerosoft forums he wrote: “Small Friday update: Gearbay has now been integrated into the fuselage with a basic coloring, details come later. Next task is to create the final cargo hold geometry…”

Last week, the team were working on the Thrust Reversers for the engines, in a post to the Aerosoft forums last Friday, Stefan Hoffmann wrote: “Time for a small Friday update: ThrustReverser Section is now done and work is moving over to the maingearbay.”

Previews released last week showed the thrust reversers from multiple angles both open and closed. The Dragon Airlines livery being a common feature between all the previews we’ve seen recently, hopefully we might see some more liveries in the near future.

Next week, as mentioned by Stefan, we’re expecting previews of the Cargo hold. For more information click here



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