Aerosoft A330X Modelling Continues!


Aerosoft are keen to keep people updated about the progress of their projects, this is why every week, for as long as I can remember they’ve posted previews of the A330X.

Today, Aerosoft Developer Stefan Hoffmann posted previews this week featuring the Cargo hold and corresponding doors. In a post to the Aerosoft forums he wrote: “Time for the friday update! This week was focused on creating the geometry for the cargo hold and the corresponding door interiors. Also all the guides and clamps for the containers you can witness on the entries.

Also all three doors are available, including the bulk cargo section. Texturing has to wait again here like with the gearbay, as primarily now all the final geometry has to be done. The last large part will be the galleys and pax doors, which have been already started today. Once this is in place, all the final painting begins…”

As stated in the update they’re beginning work on the passenger doors and the galleys, then once all this is completed the final paintings begin!

For more information and to follow the conservation, head over to the Aerosoft forums, click here


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