Aerosoft A330X Tail Previews!


To round off an exciting week  for the Flight Sim community Aerosoft has released another set of Previews for their A330 project!

In a post to the Aerosoft forums Stefan Hoffmann wrote: “Time for a small update! This weeks work focused on the mid to rear section. Numerous panels had to be implanted, drain openings, radar altimeters… ; also the bulk cargo door (the smaller one behind the aft cargo door) will be openable.

One single stabilizer already got the wingspan of an C172! Also the flexible horizontal stabilizer fuselage fairing was modeled after the real thing. Next week´s focus sits on APU section details and the large vertical tail.

The first three images are taken from within FSX, the fourth image shows the pure 3d software look outside of the sim…”

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a330_fuselage_18112016_004-png-04bf9e9ff0e9b4cb3730ed183fb43582 a330_fuselage_18112016_003-png-19cf3c7e819e36d2293de571e87e38de a330_fuselage_18112016_002-png-61f3121cb15d22c3ed539fd2b7ea81bd a330_fuselage_18112016_001-png-35872ffa51edb795f139dd19fdef3a5f


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