Aerosoft A330X Thrust Reversers + Immersion Items!


Aerosoft today released some previews of their highly anticipated A330X!

The previews this week feature the work done on the aircraft’s reverse thruster modelling. Stefan Hoffmann, Aerosoft’s developer on the A330X posted on the Aerosoft forum: “And here we go with the updates for this week Dudley! You did saw some post from Mathijs already of the “paperwork” which was to do for the throttle levers. Beside the wings are finished now (sigh) and the focus moved over to the thrust reverser section on the engines.”

It’s progressed rather far already, only the details on the outer sides of the doors have to be added next week. There is some more complex panelling located. After that work will focus on the main gear bays. Two pictures come from FSX, the rest¬† (for my convenience) directly from within the 3dsoftware.”

Mathijs Kok, Aerosoft’s community manager posted a preview of items that Aerosoft is adding into the cockpit to fully immerse you, these include food, drinks, newspapers and now the tech log stuck between the throttles before engine start. In a post to the forums yesterday he wrote: “This the last of what we will show about the immersion stuff. Techlog, OFP and such stuck between the thrust levers when on ground (before engine start) you will see that in every airbus cockpit world wide.”

I can also already tell that there’s going to be people complaining about the addition of these immersion items, we’ve already been reassured by Aerosoft that they won’t have any effect on performance and are simply there to add a little more realism to the experience.

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A330_SLAT_20170210_001.png.f82b08191c43116794e9b891953048c7 A330_SLAT_20170210_002.png.a4163462ea085adaf40e03657e5ce7ab A330_SLAT_20170210_003.png.923aae3e39a55475ffdd18242e951003 A330_SLAT_20170210_004.png.53b36a428df6625a5fda752109767f76 A330_SLAT_20170210_005.png.a1a13257f4e8500c98ba17a209596a18 A330_SLAT_20170210_006.png.e6578bf321e074db7b8135ad9f41d39e A330_SLAT_20170210_007.png.301cd33e15bdf1e379e2403b8ce65056 A330_SLAT_20170210_008.png.99dbf98a5a81df7026c548f2e7b01fc1 mathijs_throttlepaper.png.44676ca08847de293d817ffb4ad99581




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