Aerosoft A330X Video Preview Released!


One of the beta testers on the Aerosoft A330X project yesterday released a video preview of the aircraft!

The video titled “Sneak peak AS A330” shows off the cockpit of the aircraft while taxiing to the runway for take off, sadly the video stops just short of the take off roll so I’m assuming we’ll have to wait for that video.

As can be seen in the video, the aircraft performs excellently and is buttery smooth throughout even though the system used is very high spec there’s no stutters.

As mentioned earlier, the video was probably split up into smaller videos so the take off video will probably be coming soon, the beta tester in question has released videos of the CRJ so we can expect to follow the same pattern of release with the A330.

In a post to the Aerosoft forums, regarding the video the Beta tester wrote: “A sneak peak from a testflight I just made: This is an early build with some pieces not yet in place and more late alpha than early beta. And watch it in 4K please.”

For more information about Aerosoft’s A330 project click here


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