Aerosoft Airbus A318/A319 Upgrade


After the release of the Airbus A318/19 earlier this year. Aerosoft have now released a discounted upgrade for the addons. People who have previously purchased the Airbus A318/19 can now purchase a discounted upgrade for the addon.

Aerosoft announced that they were developing the smaller airbuses earlier this year and have released only the Airbus A318/19 package. For the past 18months they had been working on adding new features and also working to perfect the systems that they already had in place in the previous airbuses.

The new features include a fully working version of the FS2Crew RAAS system that can be purchased separately.  They are also working on a full Semi Automated audio checklist/co-pilot. much like the full FS2Crew package. The biggest thing is the update is the fully functional weather radar that works fully without the need for an external weather programme like the weather radar in the PMDG 777. Overall the update for this addon is a very big step forward aerosoft and for a price of £30 it is a substantial upgrade.


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