Aerosoft Airbus Professional Previews!


Last week Aerosoft released more previews showing off their upcoming Airbus Professional series!

In a post to the Aerosoft forums, Community Manager, Mathijs Kok wrote: “Of course modeling has to advance the system coding so Stefan has today done the last bits on the A321 and now jumped back on the A330.

The last bit he has done was to update the new LH model (with some different windows, new livery and or course the sat wart).”

Aerosoft want to “bring the cockpit to life” in this series so they’ve added a few little features that help to do just that, these include coffee cups, newspapers and a mobile phone all appearing on the tray in the cockpit. Mr Kok wrote: “Yes, she will knock, you have to open the door etc. And you will even SEE the coffee.

We really want to bring the cockpit to life. Also note the briefing documents between the throttle levers. That’s where all pilots put them when they are preparing.”

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