Aerosoft Announce New Aircraft!


Aerosoft has today announced the development of a new aircraft and has also released previews showing off what’s been done so far.

The aircraft is a Douglas DC-8 and it’s being developed by Micheal Cepanda (and friends), it will be a medium complexity aircraft simulated right down to fine detail.

In a post to the Aerosoft forums, Community Manager Mathijs Kok wrote: “A project not shown before, the Douglas DC-8 by Micheal Cepanda (and friends). It’s a medium complexity project covering one of the most famous jets ever to grace the skies.

Now the DC-8 is a simple aircraft with many but basic systems so most are simulated down to fine detail. We’ll have more details soon. Please note that all you see is pre-beta and still being worked on.”

The previews released today show off the cockpit and the exterior modeling of the aircraft, I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

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  1. christopher on

    This honestly looks worse than the just-flight DC-8 and doesn’t seem to have a place in the FSX market.

  2. aerosoft stop, update and finish your current stuff before announcing other projects, GAHHH!!!

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