Aerosoft Announce New Aircraft!


Aerosoft has today announced the development of a new aircraft being made by OctopusG!

The aircraft in question is the Antonov AN-2! In a post to the Aerosoft forums, Community and Project Manager Mathijs Kok wrote: “Quick, name an aircraft that does not have the stall speed mentioned in the manuals (but it is somewhere around 25 knots!), uses about as much oil as petrol and only has one engine despite it being absolutely massive. Right, The Antonov An-2, the “Annushka” (Annie) or as Nato called the “Colt”.

Happy to announce a new project made by the OctopusG that shows of this amazing aircraft in great detail.  Get ready for some weird systems because this aircraft has them. Also get ready not to go anywhere fast because boy, this is one slow aircraft. But it is absolutely brilliant to find you can land such a big aircraft in the tiniest of spots (old joke, An-2 pilot lands and said to his co-pilot “what a strange runway, it very short but incredibly wide.”).

It’s a pretty advanced simulation where you really have to keep an eye on the engine and do not forget to maintain it well (drain the oil sludge for example) otherwise an already exciting aircraft can get suddenly even more exciting. The glider ratio of the An-2 is close to negative as I found out.

Progress in development is good as you can see in the images and it should be available before long for FSX:SP2, FSX:STEAM, P3d V3 and P3d V4 (with full V4 functionality).”

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