Aerosoft Announce World of Aircraft | Standalone VFR Flight Simulators


Aerosoft has announced the name of the series of standalone Flight Simulators they plan to release based on VFR Flight!

In a post to the Aerosoft forums, Community Manager, Mathijs Kok wrote: “World of Aircraft is a series of stand alone flight simulation products that all focus on a specific part of VFR aviation. It is in no way intended to compete with X-Plane or P3D as it is not expandable, low cost (around 20 euro/dollar) and limited in content. It does however look very good, has excellent flight models and always has solid content.”

The series of products are not intended to compete with X-Plane or P3D, they are designed for a different user and will be distributed on the Steam sales platform.

The first in the series is called World of Aircraft: Glider Simulation, and as the name suggests, will focus on the simulation of glider flight. Mr Kok said it focuses on “gliders, motor gliders and gliders with auxiliary engines.”

Development of the product is ongoing with “schedule for a release later this year”, we can expect more information and images as the project progresses.

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