Aerosoft Cancels PC-6 ‘Turbo Porter’


Aerosoft has officially cancelled its highly anticipated PC-6 B2-H4 ‘Turbo Porter’¬† 4X project after four years of development.

The development – which was announced in 2014 – was plagued with delays and periods where it wasn’t clear what was going on with the project.

Mathijs Kok, Aerosoft’s Project Manager, announced the cancellation of the project over on the Aerosoft forums, he said: “I am terribly sorry to say that as the publisher we do not feel this project will ever see a release in the form we would demand it to be.”

He added: “This is a personal failure to me as I kept defending the project so long. But it is behind the curve now. It would take massive efforts to make it up to date and the developer is not behind the project anymore.”

Mr Kok cited the fact that the lead developer is no longer on-board as one of the main reasons for officially axing the project. It’s unclear what state the development is in, and whether or not it could be picked up by someone else.

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