Aerosoft CRJ Beta Testing Previews!


One of the Beta Testers for the Aerosoft CRJ posted some pretty cool shots of him doing a flight.

The Flight was from EDDM Munich to EKCH Copenhagen. He wrote “I don’t normally post pictures but I though you might like a little bit of pictures since last time. Please remember that theses pictures are still reflecting a WIP of the aircraft and not it’s final state !”

Check them out below. For more information click here


2016-5-19_5-46-16-796.jpg.1d21c945968fff6925e05d562e5ed2a8 2016-5-19_6-14-56-441.jpg.c5de0cd8b919faaffc515d696555fbe2 2016-5-19_7-10-25-6.jpg.d75301c5f085f3dcb58f45e32aaab89c 2016-5-19_7-10-49-640.jpg.3b8fbbad318c4fd167e94477dc1a0f01 2016-5-19_7-29-49-70.jpg.092e40cae7ad23fed99cf71fa8a8e381 2016-5-19_8-15-25-624.jpg.00ea7719256a230325a40d29f58ef8f7 2016-5-19_8-17-46-557.jpg.b9734e5d4e0843be9efa0f713f036b62 2016-5-19_8-32-21-854.jpg.fdf28125b8765f53208f41357bb140ab


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