Aerosoft CRJ 700/900 X Released!


**EDIT**As April Fools day comes to a close I thought I’d make it quite clear that this is completely untrue! Hope you liked this one could’ve chosen the QW787 though! Happy April Fools Day Everybody! 😛

After over 6 Years of development from Aerosoft the CRJ 700/900 is now ready and has finally been released!

The CRJ700/900 X is a combined project of Digital Aviation and Aerosoft and simulates all the modern and complex systems of its real-world counterpart. Certainly not aimed at the novice user it will challenge the user at every stage of the flight. Ideally suited for numerous virtual pilots who prefer flights between up to two hours the CRJ will be highly popular with Virtual Airlines.


  • Includes CRJ700 and CRJ900 models with many liveries (and paint kit)
  • Very accurate flight model
  • External Model and Virtual Cockpit designed with the latest tools and knowledge. Frame rate friendly. Many innovative animations
  • Includes sounds for all cockpit functions
  • Complete Flight Management System (FMS) with updatable Database (NavDataPro)
  • Head-up Guidance System for realistic CAT II and CAT II approaches
  • FMS-integrated Configuration Module
  • Advanced Mouse Control System for Virtual Cockpit
  • Extended manual

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  1. April Fool on

    Why did you edit the post? The joke only works in its original format! And this joke was epic… certainly made a fool of me. Guess I am so hungry for this aircraft I will believe anything you feed me! Thanks for the laugh. And keep up the great work.

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