Aerosoft CRJ Status Update!


Conversation on the CRJ section of the Aerosoft forum has recently been dominated with where the project currently is in terms of completion.

Mathijs Kok the Community Manager responded to a user who asked: “is it possible to have an update on the state of the Project?”

He wrote:

“Sure. At this moment all the big stuff works but Hans needs to tweak data. So we are very much in the stage where there is a lot of flying done. I have also spoken to Christoffer at Turbine Sound Studio about an update of the sounds. As they were 4 years old they were far from what we now consider state of the art.  That was one of the things on my todo list.  So all in all, things are going well, but just not fast. We’ll never do an aircraft project with just one person doing the majority of the coding. It was a dear lesson.”

Well, it’s encouraging to hear that the aircraft is being flown a lot, also that the sounds are being redone. I’m still confident that we will see it release early next year.

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