Aerosoft CRJ Status Update


Mathijs Kok the community manager for Aerosoft posted an update of the progress and changes their making to the CRJ ahead of its release.

The changes included the FMC and 2d panels.

He wrote “I told you one of the things we decided to change after checking out the FSL Airbus was the resolution of the displays. As said we are not impressed by the VC but with the sharp displays it simply looks good, your eye is drawn to the data, not the surrounding far more than I expected. Even after all these years we still learn every single day. So this afternoon (I told you it was not a big change, no delays) Hans and Stefan worked on that and I think we got what we wanted. Think this is acceptable, right?


The 2d displays will probably also look better and in our first test VAS and FPS are not measurably affected. I still run EDDFv2 at 40 fps on my nice and tidy machine with this aircraft.

Let me also spend a few minutes talking about the complete state of the project. The issue with the display resolution is pretty typical, 18 months ago we would most likely not have bothered (at least not in v1), but as soon as you start dropping behind in schedule you also start dropping behind in the features. Progress in this hobby is incredibly fast. So you got to adapt your plans. That’s why the external was fully redone late last year and that’s why the VC is seeing these changes. All of that does not really help to bring the release closer. Certainly not if your dev team is small (basically one person now with me as slave driver) and adding more people makes no sense whatsoever. Blame the project manager (that would be me).

In the end it means you are a very nasty catch up game that you can only win by hunkering down and working hard. That’s what been happening. It’s 19:11 and Hans is working on the displays and I got all 7 of the manuals open in word right now (yes, we got a full systems manual etc). In our CRJ beta chat room discussions we are discussing the fonts (they are now near perfect). So yes the project is firing on all cylinders and no, still now willing to give any dates.

But among the many medium and large bugs open there was one tiny one that I found. Now I never find any bugs so I was pleased as a dog with two willies. The first to spot the error I found in this image get’s a free copy. The first to find another error has found something new. But is shows you that we are on the home straight, this is still you do not fix in alpha one.

We’ll get there and it will be a solid product. To show how solid, a last image. I was messing around with fuel pumps this afternoon and managed to pump all fuel into the tank the engine does not feed from (it’s a CRJ, not an Airbus that prevents those kinds of silly things). So engines stopped and the RAT deployed. That something a pilot will not miss because it makes an incredible noise. Now I could say I managed to get this aircraft onto a runway but honesty dictates that there was one hill that would not move aside.


He ended the post with “As said, we’ll get there”

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