Aerosoft CRJ Video Preview + Hint That It’s Close to Release!


Aerosoft Forum user and beta tester, The Dude posted a video preview of the CRJ featuring a cold and dark setup.

He wrote: “After posting screenshots now and then I will also start with posting some video. Shadowplay with the 4K option makes it a lot easier to quickly post good quality video now. For the moment I will not do any voice over but I am thinking about doing some pre release tutorials.

DISCLAIMER — Be aware that this is all still beta and an work in progress. Sounds and VNAV are areas that are still being fine tuned (you may notice this in the video) . In this beta the boxing of EICAS messages is not fully implemented. I also do not follow SOP yet so please do not correct me on this.If you see anything that you think is not correct (entirely possible) feel free to mention it here so we can take it under consideration. This first video is from the beginning of a flight I made yesterday starting in an C&D state. Make sure to select 4K in the settings!”

What followed in the forum thread provided a little hint that we are getting closer to release. It was a back and forth between Jeroen Doorman the Video Producer for Aerosoft and Hans Hartmann.

Jeroen: “Sorry but … when is release?”

Hans: “Isn’t it already available on your google drive?”


This looks to be a good sign, I’d hazard a guess that Jeroen is making a release video which could mean we are somewhat close to release.

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  1. That whole Google drive comment was a internal joke we have about the pirate (and many other idiotic followers) who shared an early beta. We did find that pirate and I can tell you that he did have some serious problems. With his dad, it turned out to be a 15 year old kid. For the followers we just took their names and had their facebook accounts closed.

    It was not related to the release. we are working full blast on getting this out, but in these last stages it is often hard to predict the amount of time things take. I can say that I closed 8 bugs in the last two days and made a profile for EZCA v2 that will be part of the files we deliver.

  2. Brett Johnson on

    Happy to hear the pirate was dealt with. Im very much looking forward to this release.

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