Aerosoft (DA) CRJ Just Weeks Away!


It’s been one of the longest developments on record, almost 6 years in the making and we could be just weeks away from release.

Today Mathijs Kok the Community Manager for Aerosoft released the CRJ’s Aircraft Operating Manual, in a post to the Aerosoft Forum he wrote: “As the files get completed we can also complete the manuals. Vol 1 might need a few tweaks but the features are described now.”

3 hours later he released the QRH for the CRJ writing: “Vol 2… Mostly tables!”

I asked Mathijs whether they were “looking at a Q1 2017 release of the CRJ” He replied with “It depends a lot on the last tests. But weeks is now what we use.”

This is encouraging not only because they are releasing the manuals but also because they are now referring to the release in weeks. I’m pretty confident we could see a release in January of 2017. If we remember back to September of 2015 the inital release date of the CRJ none of this was happening, we hadn’t seen the manuals and just like A2A, once we see them the release is close. But as Mathijs said, it’s all dependant on the results of some tests they’re running.

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