Aerosoft (DA) CRJ Release Tomorrow!


It’s official, I thought I’d never get to say the words, but the Aerosoft CRJ is going to be released tomorrow!

In a post to the Aerosoft forums, Mathijs Kok wrote: “And it’s official, release between 07:00 and 08:00 GMT tomorrow. This evening we’ll do some last runs but the last installer seemed to work fine. I’ll upload part of the manuals to the CRJ section of the forum”

The project has spanned over 10 years and originally started with Digital Aviation back in 2006, it was taken over by Aerosoft and has been significantly delayed but tomorrow (2nd  August) it is to finally be released!

Over the last day or so, cryptic things have been said by the developers and beta testers referencing an end to the wait. With reference to the CRJ thread on the forum, Hans said: “I’m getting the strange feeling that the lifespan of thread will reach its end quite soon.”

On a serious note, regarding the state of the project, Mathijs Kok wrote: “Nobody on our side would call this project ‘finished’ at this moment. But it is ‘good enough for release’ in our eyes and we feel that the progress towards the ‘final’ version (if there is ever such a thing) will be faster and more customer orientated with the code on the customer’s machines. This is not the same as releasing and using the customers as testers, we very well know what area still need work, but in discussion with the customers it will become more clear what the priorities should be.

Now that sounds a bit ‘fuzzy’, I agree. What it boils down to is simple however, if you buy now you will get a steady stream of tweaks, fixes and new features over the cause of several weeks. Some people like that a lot, as they see their input being used, others find it highly annoying. The latter group we simply advise to wait a bit and buy the CRJ in two weeks.

As always we’ll be open and honest in discussions about the strengths and weaknesses of this release. As you know it was most certainly not one of our more simple developments and we seriously underestimated the complexity. As time progressed we had to keep up with the steady increase of complexity of add-ons and we were not aiming for a steady target but one that was moving forward all the time. It’s like flying a complex aircraft, if you get ‘behind the aircraft’ it is damned hard to catch up.”

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