Aerosoft (DA) CRJ Why hasn’t it been released?


Back in September Aerosoft started a countdown timer to the release of their CRJ, However much to everyones dismay it stopped!

Mathijs Kok from Aerosoft has responded to a question on the forum. Someone asked “im following this topic every day, but i still don´t understand whats the issue at the moment, why this product  don´t get released.”

Mathijs Kok responded with an explanation for the delays “Because it is not ready. And it’s not one issue but a whole load of issues, some small, some very small, some important. It’s only debugging from now on. They fact we try to hide the fact we do not know when it will be released by showing you nice pictures does only mean the aircraft looks fantastic, lol. And yes, you can fly it from A to B right now. But you got to be a good pilot to work around systems that do not function as they should.

Keep in mind that this is a combined project from Digital Aviation and Aerosoft. We are waiting for delivery of files from DA. Now they are close friends and I have full confidence they will deliver. All the resources we can offer are at their disposal, for example when they were behind with the manuals I took over the completion of some of them. They were aiming for Sept 30 but obviously missed that deadline. Until they give me new data (or a new date) there is not too much I can do or say. I am NOT worried however.”

The fact that he is not worried means that we might get it before Christmas! What a fantastic Christmas present this would make!

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  1. It was never going to be ready on the 30th like they claimed. In my opinion, this whole release date thing was a publicity stunt to get people re-interested in the program again. We’ve heard from different sources that it’s full of bugs which is something also stated in the article. I doubt very seriously that it will be released this year or even before spring of next year. Just my .02 cents.

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