Aerosoft DC-8 Feature List Announced


The feature list for Aerosoft’s Douglas DC-8 has been released and it includes many exciting features!

The Douglas DC-8 was announced back on the 30th October, it’s being developed by, “Micheal Cepanda (and friends), it’s a medium complexity project covering one of the most famous jets ever to grace the skies.”

In a post to Aerosoft’s Forum, Community Manager, Mathijs Kok posted the list saying: “Here is the current feature list.” This indicates that features will be added that aren’t on the list at the moment.

Notable features include, Realistic simulation of dual inertial navigation (INS) units, Radar screen with terrain depiction and Realistic airframe icing that will degrade lift and increase drag until the deicing system is used to remove ice.


  • Realistic simulation of DC-50 series aircraft with Pratt & Whitney JT3D-3B engines.
  • Immersive sound sourced in some instances from real DC-8 aircraft.
  • Accurate visual external and VC models from drawings and more than 1000 photographs.
  • VC modeled using measurements made in real flight deck.
  • Custom coding of fuel, electrical, hydraulic,  pneumatic and flight surface systems using real DC8 manuals.
  • Custom engine, EPR and flight modeling using real world performance charts.
  • Included PDF performance charts to set power, determine v-speeds, landing and maneuver speeds, set takeoff trim, plan fuel load and more.
  • In sim loading screen to load passengers, cargo and fuel correctly into ten available tanks.
  • Realistic simulation of dual inertial navigation (INS) units.
  • INS waypoints may be entered manually or simply by loading an FSX flight plan.
  • Optional INS fast alignment.
  • Night lighting with four levels of instrument lighting.
  • Main panel, pedestal and engineers’ panel flood lighting.
  • Custom and P3D v.4 dynamic landing lights.
  • Radar screen with terrain depiction.
  • Panel state saving and loading.
  • Realistic airframe icing that will degrade lift and increase drag until the deicing system is used to remove ice.

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