Aerosoft Weekly A330 Previews!


Aerosoft helping us along with that Friday feeling by releasing some stunning cockpit previews of the A330’s cockpit!

Stefan Hoffmann wrote “Friday evening update: This weeks work was mainly done on the aft cabin details. Some is still to do one the seats, side windows (dirts, scratches etc…) + ceiling (the large vertical cover)..and yes: The sidewindows can be opened like in the real thing. Here you get some visual impressions…”

COCKPIT_AFT_001.png.3b6ffa81742e614f113277bd13981b28 COCKPIT_AFT_002.png.d997a9dce151b9b0228005d1a99ec27c COCKPIT_AFT_003.png.ffebbc57d39bdaf40f0bceb04cd90c14 COCKPIT_AFT_004.png.83d559c2b83a193136cb950eb9eb950b COCKPIT_AFT_005.png.f1e218e679ef769c5014ebf55f88549d


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