Aerosoft Guess and Win A330X!


Mathijs Kok the Community Manager for Aerosoft is playing more games on the Aerosoft forums this week after announcing that someone could win a copy of the A330X once it’s released!

In a post to the forum, he wrote: “Now I am going to confuse a lot of people, and enjoying that for some perverse reason. A lot of time was spent this week on the A320/A321 and A318/A319 files and a lot of new files were made. But none of those were for an update (certainly not for some elusive SP4 update). It was also not for a professional version (we did a lot for that last month, not now). So if anybody is able to guess why we spend a lot of time on things like this:”


“He\She will get a free A330. It does require some lateral thinking and some good knowledge of the industry.
Of course, all these files will be made available for our current customers as free updates.”

Going back onto the subject of the A330X in relation to this Mathijs said: “At the same time we made good progress on A330 systems btw.”

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