Aerosoft Lightning Fmk6 – Previews!


Aerosoft have been busy with the militaery side of life recently; with the release of the F14X last year they have now released some previews of what there working on next, the Lightning Fmk6!

I’ll be honest, the English Electric Lightning is not one of those products that makes us buckets of money. But it was never intended that way. The developer Dave feels this is one of those aircraft that was missing from his stable and he decided to develop it because he loves it. And those, as you might know, are often the best products. Just check the reviews. Personally I can say that learning to fly this aircraft was utterly satisfying because it’s just hard. Some of the best fun I had in FSX in years.

Mathijs Kok

Take a look at the screenshots below, what do you think?

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