Aerosoft Making Icebergs for FS?


Yes, you read that right! Mathijs Kok the Community Manager for Aerosoft today announced the development of a rather strange addition to the sim.

Don’t worry they won’t be a vehicle, but they’ll be scenery objects that are to be placed in the location that they are around this time of the year. If you’ve flown a transatlantic flight that has ventured far enough north you may have seen these floating blocks of ice before.

In a post to the Aerosoft forum Mathijs wrote: “Late last week I was reading in the newspaper that there were many more icebergs around NewFoundland and Greenland then normal. Scientists are not sure it is because of global warming or because of a freak current, but it is significant. That made me thinking, I remember seeing icebergs many times when crossing the ocean, often they are the only thing visible in in the ocean, they really stand out. And we don’t have them in the sim.

So together with Stefan (he needed a break from the A330 and CRJ) we decided to make icebergs for FS. They will be placed where they are this time of year:

I think we’ll not make a special folder for them and dump them in the main FS scenery folders (any comments on that?). The files will be free of charge, you will just need a forum account to get them. Now you only need the A330 to go and see them. While waiting we propose the fantastic PMDG 747 as a vehicle.”

The files will be free of charge and will be on the Aerosoft forum, you just need a forum account to access them.

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