Aerosoft Mallorca Evolution X – Review!


This is your opportunity to fly to Spain’s third largest airport (after Madrid and Barcelona) in style!

Aerosoft recently released its Mallorca X Evolution, a package which covers the airports Palma De Majorca international (LEPA) and Son Bonet (LESB) and includes photographic scenery for the entire island!

The scenery features exact coastlines, mesh and completely new designed airports as well as photorealistic ground images covering the complete island in a breathtaking resolution of 0,5m/pixel be it day or night.

Also included is AESLite (FSX only / NOT for the FSX: Steam Edition and P3D), bringing dynamic apron traffic as well as traffic to the surroundings of the airport.



Currently you can only get the scenery as a download. So after purchasing it you receive a 3.85 GB(!) zip file. After extracting you can launch the setup fill in your email, serial key and accept the terms and conditions. You then get the option to install the scenery in FSX, FSX SE and P3D, after selecting your simulator, you’ll get the option to have the airport with static (AES compatible) more detailed jetways or moveable (by pressing ctrl+j) jetways. Once the installation is complete, you’ll get the option to launch the aerosoft launcher setup.

For the people who already have scenery for the island and don’t want to make use of the photographic scenery, you can! It’s very easy, just remove:

  4. cvxLEPA_EXCL_SHORE.bgl
  5. cvxLEPA_WASSER_ALL.bgl
  6. cvxLEPA_WASSER_ALL2.bgl
  7. cvxLEPA_WASSER_ALL3.bgl
  8. cvxLEPA_WASSER_ALL4.bgl
  9. mallemitte.bgl
  10. mallenord.bgl
  11. mallesouth.bgl
  12. At /LEPA_FSX_EVO_TERRAIN/TEXTURE remove all *.agn files.

(Note: aerials of the airports will remain, but they will not have any seasonal textures.)

First impression

The first thing I normally do after installing a new airport is spawning in a GA aircraft on the runway, take-off and fly around the airport. This package includes two airports (LEPA and LESB) so I decided to take-off from LEPA do a little flying over the island and land at LESB. What jumped to my eyes when spawning on the runway was the level of detail. (and after switching to the exterior view) and taxiways.

Once again Aerosoft has paid much attention to remodelling each taxiway sign and the runway/taxiway markings. I took-off from 24R and initiated a left turn to fly over the terminal buildings, once again Aerosoft replicated the terminal buildings in great detail, unfortunately terminal B doesn’t have an interior view modelled so when parked at a gate in front of terminal B, you’ll just see a texture of windows.

After viewing the terminals I turned to a heading of 090° heading land-inwards. I knew that the island contained photogenic scenery, but I didn’t expect having 3D-objects spread over the entire island (trees, buildings, houses, etc.) which was a pleasant surprise. After flying a few miles out, I decided to turn back to land at LESB. I was expecting just a runway with taxiways and an apron without any buildings, but while circling over the airport, I discovered that the airport had hangars modelled next to the apron and the taxiways and runway were surprisingly very detailed.
Image: LESB is quite detailed!
Image: The taxiways and runways are very good quality!
Image: Photographic scenery gives breathtaking experiences once at a decent altitude!

Let’s start with the airports. LEPA’s buildings are quite detailed, have no interior modelling, but are almost a perfect match of the real airport buildings. The carpark and incoming roads are very detailed and are an exact replica of how the real road situation is. The taxiway and runway markings correspond too to the real airport and are also very detailed.

LESB’s airport hangars are very detailed as well as the taxiway and runway markings.

The buildings on the island however aren’t as detailed and exclusive as the airport buildings, however the geographic situation of some buildings are correct and can be used as navigation points whilst doing some VFR flying around the island.

Night time flying

I love to fly at night and I certainly didn’t hesitate to take out my PA28 to do a short night time circuit at LEPA.

The lighting at the airport are just amazing, the green lights on the centre of the taxiway (I did notice that in some turns they aren’t aligned with the yellow stripe) and the blue lighting on the side of the taxiways. The taxiway signs are also illuminated, making it easier to find the right taxiway at night. The runway is also very well illuminated, the lighting also corresponds to the real lighting of the runways at night. However coming in at night, the runway lights are a bit too bright.

What was a bit of downside was that you need add-on scenery like Night Environment X to see the island well illuminated because the photographic scenery doesn’t give much light neither do the buildings.


Image: the runways really stand out at night, a bit too much for some
Image: The island’s night textures aren’t that great…
Image: The green lights aren’t always aligned with the yellow stripes, but the airport is very well lit, taxiways especially!

I really like this add-on, the airport looks marvellous and from a decent altitude the island looks great too (note: from the ground the island looks great too thanks to the 3D Buildings on top of the photographic scenery). Despite the night textures, flying VFR around the island at sundown is a must.

Aerosoft has once again showed its capabilities of making awesome scenery packages, however I find that it’s not their greatest.


8.2 Awesome

Aerosoft has once again showed its capabilities of scenery making and has yet again made a great scenery, however I find that it’s not their greatest. But if you enjoy flying in this part of the world then it's certainly one of the best on the market!

  • Installation 9.5
  • Modeling 8
  • Night Time Flying 7
  • User Ratings (3 Votes) 9.7

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