Aerosoft Mega Airport Johannesburg Airport Development Halted


Aerosoft has taken the decision for halt development of their Mega Airport Johannesburg scenery.

This comes after it became difficult to get proper imagery of the airport, mainly because the airport itself wouldn’t allow a photoshoot to take place.

In a post to the Aerosoft forum Project Manager, Mathijs Kok wrote: “Okay we had a long discussion with modellers and projects managers about this project and we decided to close it for now. The simple fact is that we do not have the imagery we need to complete it to our standard. At this moment we are unable to do a photo-shoot at the airport (they are not very helpful over there) so we only have fragmented images, most from the internet (so not colour calibrated, often without good reference to when it was taken (year and time of day) etc etc.

It’s a painful decision, most certainly because we probably should have taken it months ago. Blame me for trying to keep this project alive, nobody else. As you might recall we got the files from the developer who started it and was unable to fulfil his contract. In hindsight, we should have cut our losses at that time. Shit happens. As said, painful but we better be honest and open about the reasons. Sorry.”

The airport was being difficult and even after sending references from other airports they still wouldn’t budge, Mr Kok said: “We even sent references from other airports. Difficult people.”

“I know other companies do airports without doing a photo shoot and for hobby work that is okay, things like sightlines from the tower are not hugely important in FS, but we simply need to get that stuff right,” He said.

If they manage to get the imagery they need then development can restart but until then, “this project is dead.”

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