Aerosoft Your Questions Answered! CRJ, A330 and much more!


We had the opportunity to talk to Aerosofts CEO Winfried Diekmann and asked him questions that you asked me!

The topics ranged from the upcoming Aerosoft CRJ and A330 including release time frames for both products! Check out the interview below:

If you have any more questions, Aerosoft is very happy to answer them, Comment below as we’ll do a follow up to this interview.


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  1. Poor Winfried :(,

    As a CEO, your English shout be a little bit better than basic A2 to B1 level :(. He is talking much about products to be released sonish. I don’t believe so. Their development isnt very up to date…. Hopefully they will improve their relationship with airbus, but as i’m working for AEDS, i dont think it will happen. They are very silent about their products…talking talking and dreaming, may i be on a sinking ship, but aerosoft itself has no clue where its navigating to.

    I hope they put Winfred down to the bottom line, he talks much about his dreams, that could be my dreams…. but sadly they’ll never happen

    (sorry folks, my english isnt the best, 20 years after last learning it are a loooong time!)

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