Aerosoft to Release Stand Alone Flight Simulator!


Aerosoft has today announced that they are in the process of developing a stand alone flight simulator for kids!

Ready For Take-Off is a Stand Alone Flight simulator designed for kids aged 7 years+, it attempts to “show them the fun of flight simulation without the frustration we all know so well.”

In a post to the Aerosoft forum Mathijs Kok wrote: “For a long time we wanted to create something for kids. Something that will show them the fun of flight simulation without the frustration we all know so well. We examined an add-on but in the end decided a full stand-alone simulator would work a lot better. So here are the first images on this forum of Ready For Take-Off, a dedicated flight simulation game for kids (7 years and up) but also for people who never flown a flight simulator before and like to try it. It’s NOT a simple game, actually it is pretty complex, it is just that a lot of the complex stuff is done for the player. So there are still checklist, procedures etc. But the user is guided all the time.

As you can see it uses all our modeling done for FS, so graphically the airports and aircraft are pretty close to what you see in P3D and FSX. The images show Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Kos and Mallorca but more areas and airports are included. The user will fly a Beech Baron and an A320 IAE.

The images show a beta, so some parts still have to be tuned and bugs have to be fixed. If you happen to have a kid in that age group let me know here, we might need a few more tests done. Scheduled for release before summer we are pretty enthusiastic about this project.”

Really exciting stuff, they’ve found a gap in the market and hopefully will fill it.

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