Aerosoft Respond to BBS over their A330X + Cockpit Previews!


We all know that Black Box Simulations and Aerosoft are both developing a A330 aircraft for FSX and P3D, it hasn’t been a problem until yesterday when BBS responded to a users comment on their Facebook page talking about Aerosofts A330 development.

Mathijs Kok the community manager had this to say: “BBS posted yesterday on Facebook that we have only shown renders of our Virtual Cockpit so far. That, of course, is simply not true, we have show the first in game shots many many months ago, we even shown images from inflight. They did so as response to a comment that their VC might even look better than ours. Perhaps it is, perhaps not. We’ll gladly leave that decision to the viewer. But let me show some highlights from our product. It’s all work in progress and please note that I use rather low color P3D settings (if you got it on your screen for 12 hours a day you tend to avoid it popping, lol). But in any case, to set the record straight, we are far beyond the stage were can only show renders. Do watch these in full size if your monitor can handle it.”

He then followed up this later on in the day after the dust settled with this: “They [BBS] are out on the market and even though it is prologue to a future product it’s the only A330 worthwhile at this moment. I honestly do not want to see this topic as a BBS bashing session. But the information they shared was simply incorrect (and it gave me the opportunity to stick some feathers in Stefan’s behind, there are a lot of extremely good modelers in this field, but I honestly believe he is the best). 

I also do not want to compare the products in detail. We got currently five and a half people full time on this project and are investing a shit load of money in it because we know it will pay off. What’s done now it the base for our continued $50 Airbus line of products. It’s a very safe investment. But we are talking hundreds of thousands of euro’s (you know our first Beaver cost $3000, including all source code?) and there not a lot of companies who can make those kinds of investments. That why we can ‘afford’ to simulate the latest versions of aircraft and do not have to do older versions with less complex software. Believe me, that matters a lot. Mind you, I’m not saying the simulation is any less realistic, but if you ask any Airbus pilot which aircraft he prefers to fly and he will always say that he prefers the one with the latest software and modifications. We think our customers feel the same.

Let’s be glad for every newly released aircraft that has quality or even for less complex ones that fill a niche. But always keep in mind that this is not 2005 anymore. Doing an aircraft like we do with all the trimming is a hugely complex, hugely expensive and very risky. I would say that over half the projects in this category are never released and the other half runs massively over budget and allotted time. Having some insight behind the scenes I do not know of any complex aircraft that was not at least a year behind some schedule at release (the CRJ of course is a whole different kettle of fish, lol) . We should applaud anybody who gets a product to market that better than any other covering the same thing.

When there are two products covering the same thing (or as in this case more or less the same aircraft type) comparisons can be made and value for money can be determined. If BBS releases complete products (so not “prologue”, quotes taken from their site) I am sure reviewers will find time to put all busses next to each other. It’s that comparison we look forward to as long as price is an factor. It is not fair however to ask BBS to compete with a product they clearly mark as “prologue”. Customer who buy that know they are not buying the final product and I assume they know the costs of upgrading to the V1.00 versions.

So let’s wait until both Aerosoft and BBS have fully released. Then we’ll see what’s better. What’s better value for money. Then customers can decide, after all, it does not matter a damn what I think, it’s what customers think. Until that time however I will defend my team’s work where comparisons can be made as in the case of the A330 VC. I am not a modeler and I could not code a ‘Hello World’ in any language developed after 1997, but I can at least pretend to be a project manager. And that concludes my sunday evening rant. 45 minutes till the start of the Mexican Gand Prix.”

You probably came here for the cockpit previews, so here they are! For more information and to keep up to date with the development click here


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