Aerosoft Samos X Release This Week!


Aerosoft/29Palms have announced the release date for Samos X along with further details of the product!

The release date is set for Friday so you won’t have to wait long for release! Check out the previews below

Here we go with a bigger set of screenshots and an excerpt from the manual: Samos is the island airport with the most notorious landing approaches in Greece.

It involves pure “stick n’ rudder” demanding hand-type of flying in between mountains, without navigation instruments guidance, moderate or higher turbulence due to terrain, the FIR border just on the airport’s pattern and tight turns short before lining up for last stage of final approach to land.


• Various animations (apron staff, people landside, birds, boats, ships, apron vehicles, car traffic, windsocks, flags)
• Seasonal variations (summer, winter)
• Custom made 2m terrain mesh for the whole island, the turkish border and neighbouring islands
• Custom autogen (NO alteration of default.xml and autogendescriptions.spb)
• 90km² of high resolution satellite imagery
• Extensive landclass and vector upgrades for Samos, the turkish border and neighbouring islands
• Compatibility tested with various Add-Ons
• Compatibility patch / Color match for FTX Global

Coverage Area:

The photoscenery covers the amazing approach to both runways including all landmarks. Furthermore the island received an extensive landclass and vector upgrade including all beaches, harbors, roads and towns. Due to the tremendous cost of satellite imagery for the whole island, this approach ensures a moderate price for the scenery while depicting the important aspects for flight simulation in great detail.

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