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Aerosoft are renowned for producing excellant quality products that are simply stunning, there certainly haven’t let this one down.It’s the Tromso X scenery that was released earlier this year.

Tromsø Airport, Langnes is situated at Langnes, on the western side of the island of Tromsova in Tromso, 1.7 nautical miles northwest of the city centre, which is on the eastern side of the island. It is the busiest airport in Northern Norway, serving 1,828,393 passengers in 2013.

Not only have Aerosoft done the scenery for the airport, they have modeled the whole island! Aerosoft were kind enough to send over a copy of the scenery so let’s get into the review.


All I really can say for this is that it is classic aerosoft. Simple and very quick, the size of the addon was no problem it was only 607MB. It arrived on my desktop in a RAR file which made the file smaller.The overall installation only took around 5-10mins and once completed I loaded up into the sim and it looked stunning.

OverheadAs with most of my reviews I usually spend some time flying around and getting to know what this scenery has to offer. It has taken me some time to fully appreciate the extent that aerosoft has gone to to create a stunning addition to FSX.

The fact that I had recently been sent the new F14X by aerosoft was and ideal option to take the F14 for a spin and also to get a better feel for the scenery. The overall quality of the scenery is very high. Starting off with the airport, it is of a very high quality, the runway in particular looks great,it has lines of concrete running up the runway and the attention to detail with the tire marks in nice. It just adds more realism to the experience of the airport. Because aerosoft have included the whole island in this pack it means they have also included the bridges that connect it to the mainland. Now im not going to lie and say that I didn’t try and fly under them in an F14 because I did!


The terminal buildings in this addons are of a good quality, And you can actually see inside them. There is also a carpark in the airport that is behind the control tower. Usually you see that the cars are literally square boxes that have the texture of a car put on them. This time it is a little more developed than that. There is also quite a few static aircraft that you can fiest your eyes on while flying in and out of this airport. The majority consisted of some dash8’s and some business jets. The ground services at this airport look great and are effective.Terminal 2



The exsirience of flying into this airport are good, When you are coming in on the approach it takes you low over some mountains and then over the water, as you touch down you have hills on you left and terminal buildings on the right. The gates are very well modelled and of high quality, Because it is a small airport it is understandable that it doesn’t have many stands.But this can be a good thing. The airport markings generally are of a high quality they are nice and bright and you can actually read the taxiway signs before you have gone past them.


The Island

As I said, Aerosoft have also developed the scenery for the whole island and not just the airport. I went for a little GA flight around the island to checkout the scenery. The quality of the islands scenery is unfortunately not on the same level as FTX which I was running before. It is however much better than the default scenery. They have put the real roads in place and there is traffic on them to! After climbing all the way up to 10,000ft the get a screenshot of the whole island, I realized how big the island actually is! The overhead look of this island is stunning, it just looks like a really nice place to live and aerosoft have done a really good job at modeling it.

Overhead 2


Landing Island

Overall Impressions

If you can see yourself flying in that region of Norway on a fairly regular basis then I think that this is perfect for you. However if you would probably fly there once and then again in 6 months time then it possibly could not be the one for you. I think that the overall modeling of the island including the airport is fantastic. But if you only fly to Norway once and then again in 6 months then this scenery covers such a small place in relation to the world that it wouldn’t be worth it.




8.8 Awesome

As I said, if you are't going to fly there, don't buy it. If you are then it is stunning. The attention to detail is nice and the overall quality of the product is what you would come to expect from Aerosoft! For the price of $20 I think it's worth it!

  • Installation 9
  • Island 7
  • Airport 9
  • Gates 10
  • User Ratings (6 Votes) 7

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