Aerosoft’s Airbus To Be Tier 1 in PMDG’s Global Flight Operations


Aerosoft has confirmed that their upcoming Airbus Professional Series will be in Tier 1 for PMDG’s Global Flight Operations project.

PMDG on Sunday announced that they have, for the past 10 years, been working on a global operation simulation network called Global Flight Operations.

Robert Randazzo announced on Sunday at FlightSimExpo, in Vegas, that there will be 3 different tiers to this product in terms of its compatibility with aircraft.

Each Tier provides more or less features with Tier 1 being the highest and boasting a fully integrated ACARS/CPDLC two-way data link, and the ability to recover from inflight sim crashes.

In a post to the Aerosoft forums, Project Manager, Mathijs Kok wrote: “Btw, after talking to PMDG we have decided that we’ll go for tier 1 in there exciting new Global Flight Operations project. It should fill up these bit nicely!”

All of this is available fully integrated into the panels in the aircraft without the need for popup windows like in Tier 2. Other aircraft in this Tier include the PMDG 777,747, and 737.

The Global Flight Operations, Tiers of Connectivity Table is below:

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