Aerosoft’s Mathijs Kok on the A330, CRJ & A320 Neo?


On Saturday evening the Online Virtual Pilots Association’s Dave Hodges hosted the second annual International Flight Simulator Website Conference, he was joined by many leading figures including Aerosoft’s Community Manager Mathijs Kok!

Kicking off the conversation was of course talk about the CRJ, Mathijs said it was “closer to release” and that they had a release date they are trying to aim for but they won’t be sharing that with people. Mr. Kok did, however, say that it will most likely be before the end of the year.

He went on to talk about some of the reasoning for the delay, he said “the CRJ project is one of those projects that you have to step back and take a look at to make sure that you are still up to date” sadly Aerosoft wasn’t and they had to restart to project twice because of this.

The development team hopes to get the CRJ into the “final round of beta testing in the next 4 weeks”. There are 110 bugs still open and the release time frame is, of course, dependent on the feedback from the beta test. Mr. Kok said that they were not “going to rush for release because a couple of weeks won’t matter” in the grand scheme of things, especially when we’ve been waiting 6 years for it, after all, a couple of weeks really won’t matter.

The FSLabs A320 was also identified to be another reason for a delay, after its release the CRJ dev team looked at the displays and were very impressed with the quality, they decided to double the resolution within their own aircraft and have been pleased with the results.

The focus then shifted towards Aerosoft’s A330X Project; there are now 6 people working on this project which is a lot of people according to Mathijs. It has also been confirmed that the A330 will have a shared cockpit feature much to the relief of many, Mr. Kok commented that “it’s not realistic to have empty seat” and that the speed of learning is increased 10 fold if you’ve got someone else helping you.

It was also confirmed that A330 will be a -300 variant of the aircraft mainly because it’s the “most used model and a logical fit” not only that Aerosoft’s reference aircraft is a -300 and the most information available is for that variant.

Mr. Kok also expressed his enthusiasm for developing an A320 Neo and transferring most of the identical features such as the CDU, FBW and ACARS system straight from the A320.

A question was asked that focused on whether Aerosoft would update older scenery packages, Mathijs said “it’s difficult in a commercial way” because there would be very few additional sales. Also that it “doesn’t feel right” making people pay twice for the same product.

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